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Free Online KP Astrology Software - KP Natal and Horary Software by AstroSage - Another KP Natal and Horary Software by AstroSage - For creating horary charts and time charts - Comprehensive latitude/ longitude database (city database) - Online KP astrology software

Free KP Astrology Software For Windows - Primay vedic astrology software for windows, but can be used with KP with some customization.

Free KP Astrology Software for Google Android Smart Phones and Tablets - Works with all Google Android based devices (smart phones and tablets)

Free KP Astrology Software for ALL Mobile Phone - Works with Nokia, Windows Mobile, iPhone and any other GPRS/ 3G/ WAP2 mobile phone

Commercial For Windows (Varahamihira - KP Astrology Software for Windows) 
KP Astro
Astro Kundali

Commercial For Pocket Computer/ Palmtops