Quiz 16

Quiz Master - Vishram Deshpande


Question -

On 30/05/1999 I had to face something very significant in life, which I would like you astrologers to guess.


Birth data of Vishram Deshpande ji

DOB 21/08/1956

TOB 23:35 (as told by parents)

TOB 22:47:52 (as rectified by Vijayanand Patil ji) I was very much doubtful about the TOB being wrong by nearly 1 hour

Place  - Pandharpur, Maharashtra (75 E 20, 17 N 40)


Question - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/k_p_system/message/28832?threaded=1&l=1 

Answer - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/k_p_system/message/28945?threaded=1&l=1

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