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What is KP System?

KP or Krishnamurti Paddhati is an excellent system of astrological predictions, conceived and created by the great Indian astrology master late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti. KP System is based on finer points of Indian and Western astrology and borrows important concepts from many branches of astrology. Regarded as most accurate system of present time, KP System of astrology is easy to learn and easy to apply. Contrary to classical Hindu astrology, KP system is systematic and very well defined.


Here are some of the salient points of KP System:


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Should I learn Vedic Astrology first before learning KP?

There are pros and cons of starting with Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology is so vast, detailed and hence confusing that you don't know where to stop and switch to KP. There is always a fear to get confused or get into too much detail. It doesn't mean that Vedic astrology is incorrect, but KP astrology is simple, better suited to scientific mind, and straight forward comparatively. 


So the recommended approach for learning astrology, is to stick to 6 readers. Six books written by Shri K.S. Krishnamurti, inventor of KP System, are called six readers ( You should start with second reader, fundamental principles of astrology and move gradually to other readers. Second reader is an excellent book for astrology beginners which covers essential Vedic astrology and prepares ground for KP. 


If yo already have basic knowledge of Vedic astrology, then the recommended approach for learning KP is going to be different. In that case, please refer "How to start learning KP System" section. 


Which Dasha to Use?

Dashas are the primary tools in Hindu astrology for timing events. There are various dasha systems used in Hindu astrology for timing of events. Some of the popular dasha systems  are Vimshottari Dasha (Udu Dasha), Ashtottari Dasha, Yogini Dasha, Kalchakra Dasha, and Jaimini Char Dasha, etc. KP System uses only Vimshottari Dasha.



What is Fortuna in KP Astrology?

Fortuna is a fast-moving sensitive point in astrology. Fortuna is calculated as follows (Page 98, First Reader "Casting The Horoscope" - 1993 edition) -


Longitude of Fortuna = Longitude of Ascendant + Longitude of Moon - Longitude of Sun


Shri K. S. Krishamurthi, the inventor of KP System, mentioned about Fortuna in the second reader, but he really didn't given much detail. The application and examples are also missing. The general rule is "Fortuna improves the matters of the House where is located."  Thus Fortuna in second house improves one's wealth, family etc. Fortuna in fifth house will improve luck in speculation, in having children etc.


Shri K. S. Krishamurti devoted last chapter in Second Reader "Fundamental Principles of Astrology" for Fortuna and can be found on page no. 341 of 1997 edition. In my opinion, Fortuna is still a topic under research as far as KP System is concerned. These reference articles should be useful -


Combustion in KP



Oath Chart/ Muhurt Chart in KP




Learning Resources (Free Websites and Software)


What is your opinion about correspondence course from KP Stellar Institute (KPSARI) Chennai

It is not recommended. Please check



How to start learning KP System

One person should read one book at a time in following order -


Nakshatra Chintamani & Further Lights on Nakshatra Chintamani by Chandrakant R Bhatt


Krishnamurti Siddhant (in three parts) by Jyotindra Hasbe


Books by Shri Suresh Sahasne


2. KP 6 readers






Any KP software comparison?



Which Rahu (& Ketu) calculation is correct - True Rahu or Mean Rahu?

Check " Mean Node vs True Node.doc" in the file section of the k_p_system forum. The k_p_system forum endorses 'Mean Rahu'.



There are so many ayanamsas - KP (Old), KP (New), KP straight line ayanamsa. Which ayanamsa to use?

Astrologers are free to use any ayanamsa which gives them correct predictions. The k_p_system forum endorses KP (New) Ayanamsa. KP (New) ayanamsa is also also written as KPNA.

Original (KP Old) and New KP Ayanamsa (KP New) are the same, except that the Original takes the flat value for the entire year up to the accuracy of minutes only by a table and the "KP New" calculates the value up to the Date of Birth and accuracy of seconds by a formula.





Is Mars Dosha valid according to KP? Is KP definition of Mars Dosha different from Traditional astrology?

Please check Mars Dosha page at


What is Punarphoo?

Please check Punarphoo page at

Articles & Research on Birth Time Rectification (BTR)



Dasa Judgment Rules


Why my email is not apporved in k_p_system yahoogroup?


What can be discussed in k_p_system yahoogroup? (and what can not be)

Let me clarify on forum policy of what can be discussed in the forum and what can not. This forum is primarily for discussing K P System. If there is any "astrology" knowledge that can help us in improving our predictions, it is most welcome. This is just an exception condition and it should not be said that this is a place for discussing "other branches of astrology." Mirrorology, Vaastu, Palmistry, Tarot etc. are not even astrology, so we should not discuss it here. 


There are some occasions like Quizzes and Blind Charts where we mark it clearly that analysis using all branches of astrology is allowed. By allowing other branches of astrology, we want to see how all branches of astrology are compared as far as predictive capabilities are concerned. Those occasions are clearly marked.  


How to search archive and old forum topics?

Old messages can be found at There is a a search box on this page where you can search by message number or search using keywords. Though YahooGroup serach is not very effective and hence I would recommend using Google search. Google provides a facility to search within only one site. You can do so by entering "Site:[Site Name] Keywords" in Google search box. For example, if we have to find about "Combust Planets" in our forum, please go to and type following -

 site: combust planets

Where are Quiz Results

KP YahooGroup keeps conducting quizzes for improving knowledge and testing theories. As these quizzes are very important learning material, we have compiled quizzes and it can be found at


Where can I found studies done in KP YahooGroup


How to Judge potential of a Birth Chart? How to predict whether a person is destined to achieve big heights in his/ her life according to KP?