KP System Discussion Forum Constitution



To create, maintain and further collaborative environment for learning, researching, decoding and sharing of KP System.

Definition of KP System:

For the forum, everything that is written in 6 readers is 'KP'. In case there is contradictions among various editions of KP readers, 1971 editions will be given preference.


All further extenstion/ change to KP like including 'sub as a significator in case no planet in its star', 4-step, and cuspal interlinks, Dr. Kar's theory should be referred as 'stellar systems' but not KP. 


Participation Guidelines:

Please remember the following points:

Above list is meant to be suggestive rather than exhaustive. More items can be added to the list. But this forum is intended to be democratic one and it is more of member's responsibility to avoid chaos & flames and help the group in achieving its objective. Hope all members will adhere to these guidelines.

Contacting Forum Administrator

If you have any questions or suggestions pertaining to group guidelines you can contact me directly at punitp #at# gmail #dot# com. Please try to avoid using list for such type of discussions. While contacting me, please keep following in mind -

1. Choose a descriptive subject line of your email without forum prefix [k_p_system] so that your message doesn't lost under existing topic. Try not to use subject of the email same as a topic under discussion in forum.

2. Do not copy other people on email. I have decided not to respond to any such email.

3. Do not respond to outside emails and emails which are already rejected by the moderator.