Quiz 23



What would have happened on 13/Oct/2010 ?

Option 1: He committed suicide along with his 4 year old son. His wife was taken into police custody.

Option 2: She committed Suicide along with her 4 year old son. The native (her Husband) was taken into police custody

Option 3: All the three (native, wife and the child)committed suicide

Details of the Native:


8:44 AM

Mechery, TN ( 11n51 77e58)

Important events:

He loved and married a 2 year elder woman who was already married and divorced. She is of different religion.

D.O.marriage: 1/sept/2000

DOB of wife: 27/11/69 (Birth time unknown)

Date of birth of the son: 18/Spet/2006

Profession: Professor in a college



OPTION 2: The wife committed Suicide along with her Son and the Native was taken into police Custody.