What is "Punarphoo"?

Connection between Saturn and Moon is known as Punarphoo or Punarphoo Dosha. Shri K. S. Krishnamurti dealt Punarphoo mainly from marriage perspective and talked about Punarphoo in sixth reader (Marriage, Married Live and Children). Here is excerpt from the Sixth Reader –

“Whenever Saturn has got any connection what-so-even with Moon, there will be some obstacle or impediment, not only during negotiation but also at the time of fixation and even at the time of celebration of the marriage. This connection between Moon and Saturn causes delay, though ultimately both of them do much more good with a better partner.”

According to him headache, fear and anxiety are some of the results of Punarphoo. Though the results of Punarphoo are not very clearly defined in sixth reader, some of the possibilities due to Punarphoo are (Taken from: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/k_p_system/message/7673)

Meaning of 'connection' was not very clearly defined in sixth reader. Though the following has been mentioned (taken from: Sixth reader, Page #78, Sixth Edition - June 1993) -

Later KP followers defined ‘connection’ between Saturn and Moon more precisely as follows - (taken from the book "PUNARPHOO: Saturn & Moon" - by K. Subramaniam) -

Some KP astrologers prefer much simpler definition, e.g. -

- Anant Raichur (Taken from: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/k_p_system/message/6097)

Whereas, some give more importance to special aspects of Saturn and the houses involved -

- L. Y. Rao (Taken from: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/k_p_system/message/6097)

Later some KP astrologers also expended definition of Punarphoo for other aspect of life like profession etc. and interpreted it for delay and obstacle in those areas. Punarphoo is a horary chart is also interpreted by some KP astrologer as delay in getting results related to the the question under consideration (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/k_p_system/message/8658). 

Here is what Mr Vaikari Ramamurthy has written about the effects of Punarphoo (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/k_p_system/message/20724)

Some astrologers considered Punarphoo impacts aspects of life signified by the houses with which Saturn and Moon are connected. For example, if the Saturn and Moon are connected with 10th house, it will create delay and impediments in profession and career (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/k_p_system/message/8691)

The Cancellation of "Punarphoo" 

(Taken from: "Cancellation of Punarphoo" by the late Pt. K.R. Kar in the "K.P. & Astrology" - 1996 Annual issue (pages 69-72) - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/k_p_system/message/8690)

Generally speaking, connection of Sun with the Punarphoo causing planets (Saturn and Moon) results in cancellation of Punarphoo. Precisely speaking, cancellation takes place due to following conditions -