Recent Researches

These are the researches which still needs to be verified by the forum. These are given here to share some of the recent ideas being developed and as thought for further research.

Pluto - A Signification Modifier

Pluto has negative effect on matters connected with it as follows -

1. House where it is situated.

2. If conjunct (3.3 deg) with matters governed by that planet.

According to this research, it is important to study Pluto and house affected by it in detail, before proceeding with prediction. This will help you in avoiding wrong predictions. This is one theory which is strongly pushed by Sunil Gondhalkar in his 4-step theory.


Determining Sex from the Birth Chart (Sunil Gondhalkar's method)

(Sunil Gondhalkar's method)

If the sub-lord of the sub-lord of the Ascendant, if posited in a star, whose lord is situated in a male sign then the chart is of a male child; if in a female sign, then the chart is of a female child.


Determining Sex from the Birth Chart (Dr. Kar's method)

Star lord of the sub-sub lord of ascendant and sub-sub lord of ascendant determines the sex of a child.

1. Reference: Dedicated To Learners- Beginners Events that came true. In "Astrololgy & Atrishta" magazine April 1980.


Birth Time Rectification

Method 1: R.P. moon should show one's profession

When a client comes to the astrologer for prediction, at that time, the natal 10th cusp sublord of the client should be either R.P. moon starlord or RP moon sublord or RP moon subsublord. Otherwise, the natal 10th cuspal sublord to be adjusted.


Method 2 by one KP astrologer Mr.Ponnaiah of Madurai:

When the client come for prediction, check the RP moon starlord at that time. If it is first cuspal sublord then the birth time is correct.


Method 3 by Chennai Nanganallur Krishnamoorthy, published by Mr.Sethunathan in his book at page 116.

Current dasalord, bukthilord and anthralord of a native will be the Ruling Planets at that time of analysis.


Method 4 by Mr.Rajendran, Thiruvallur, Chennai

Lagnasub should have connection with 4th and 9th cuspal sub.


Method 5 by Mr.Baskaran, Madurai

RP moon will show the natal lagna.

RP lagna will show the natal moon.

Reference for last four methods:

Method 6 by Mr.Mohankumar

Method 7 by Mr.Subhash Ektare

Cast the chart for the time and place of judgment. Note down the RP Ascendant and RP Moon correct up to sub-sub level. Also note down whom Rahu / Ketu represent.

Calculate the position of Natal Moon up to sub-sub level. Then with the help of RP Ascendant and given time of birth correct the longitude of Natal Moon up to sub-sub level. Note that here we are using RP Ascendant (fast moving object) to correct the longitude of Natal Moon (comparatively slow moving object). Thus strongest Ruling Planets – Ascendant sign lord and Ascendant star lord- are used in correcting the birth time.Corresponding to this corrected Natal moon position find out the Natal Ascendant(s).

Now, check and correct the Natal Ascendant(s) with the RP moon. Here we are using pair of next powerful Ruling Planets-Moon sign lord and the star lord-to fine tune corrected Natal Ascendant(s). The time when this ascendant rises is found to be most accurate astrological birth time.


Method 8 by Mr.M.P.Shanmugham

The sub-lord of the Ascendant must appear as the Moon's star-lord, if the Ascendant is correct.

Reference: K.P.& Astrology,Part II. by late Shri M.P. Shanmugham & Edited by Mr.K.Subramaniam.

Method 9 by Mr.M.P.Shanmugham

The Sun, Jupiter and Venus, alone, are the three planets mainly responsible for human births...

i)  Sun is the Athma Karaka-chief sigificator of the soul...

ii) Jupiter is Putrakaraka-chief significator for childbirth...

iii)Venus is Kamakaraka-chief significator  for sexual pleasure...


It has been observed by the late M.P.Shanmugham, that Sun or Jupiter  or Venus, are always found as the starlord or sublord of the IXth cusp. Thus emerges the method, that if the IXth sublord is found to be under the said circumstances(sic), the horoscope cast is the minute... !


Method 10 RP Lag = Birth Mon and RP Mon = Birth Lag by Mr. K. Baskaran

According to this method, Moon's positions at the time of judgment in Sign-Star-Sub and Sub-Sub will tell the position of Ascendant at the time of birth. Similarly, Ascendant's positions at the time of judgment in Sign-Star-Sub and Sub-Sub will tell the position of Moon at the time of birth.


Rectification Using Mother's Charts

Since the Cusp Sub lord governs, the  matters of  that house, and the 5th house of a female,  governs amongst  other things, the matter of children, we  take the SUB LORD OF THE 5TH CUSP, AND more importantly, the Star  Lord of this Sub Lord. The Ascendent of  the 1st child, should contain this Star Lord, preferably as the Ascendant star lord. The exception to this will be if the mother's  5th sub-lord is in its own stars,  then  take the  Sublord as the relevant planet. If  Rahu/Ketu  are involved  take the planets that they represent, as  per rules.

The  same may be applied for the 7th cusp  for the 2nd child, and the 9th cusp for the 3rd child.

Reference: Mother_Child.doc file in the folder -