Four Step Theory

THIS sets down the essential rules given by Mr. Sunil Gondhalekar in his Lessons, written in the K.P.Style. The Basic principle of KP is that A Planet gives the results indicated by its Star Lord and Sub Lord.


1. The Planet itself   (House residence, Houses Owned)

2. The Star Lord of the Planet:   (Same house resident, houses owned)

3. The SUB LORD of the Planet:

4. The Star Lord of this sub lord:

For prediction, we have to consider that all houses, are signified by the Planet, some Primarily, and some Secondarily

First Step

THE 1ST STEP in the 4 step Theory is: A Planet becomes the Significator of the HOUSE where it resides, and of the House/Houses It OWNS

This rule is modified depending on wether there are other planets in the STARS of this Planet, and wether the Houses owned are Empty or have some other planets in them. (Hers,Neptune,Pluto,For are not considered for this conditions.

IF THERE ARE NO PLANETS IN THE STARS OF THE PLANET,(the planet is not the Star Lord of any other planet) THEN it becomes THE PRINCIPAL Significator of the House where it Resides. Otherwise, it becomes a secondary Significator of the House where it resides.

If a PLANET Is Primary significator of Residence, then it becomes the Principal of the houses owned ONLY IF THAT HOUSE IS EMPTY, otherwise it is the secondary significator of the house owned

If the Planet is itself a SECONDARY significator of House of RESIDENCE then it will be also Secondary Significator of Houses owned EVEN IT EMPTY.

IF A PLANET IS IN ITS OWN STAR, then it Automatically becomes the Primary significatro of the House of residence (even if there other planets in its stars). It becomes pricipal significator of houses it owns, if empty

Second Step


In this step, the STAR LORD automatically Becomes the Principal Significator of the House of Residence, and Of the Houses owned, if Empty.

FOR RAHU AND KETU same rules apply. Rahu/Ketu get addittionl representation as Representative of the Lord of house where they Reside

Third Step

THIRD STEP: The sub Lord of the Planet:

The houses signified are determined as per 1st step only

Fourth Step

Fourth step: The Star Lord of Sub Lord

The houses are found applyin the same rules as Second Step

Another point is to consider Signifcators by conjunction(3.33 deg) between planets, as also signifed by the planet considered. The conjoined planet acts as an agent of the planet to which it is conjoined.

Practical Application

Child birth: When?

Rule: The 5th (as qurrent is lady) Sub Lord must be the Primary significator of 2nd/5th/or 11th. Only if this is positive then we fix the time. 5th sub Lord is Mercury: The houses signified by this Planet are found to be

Mer:      8P,9,6P  (Mer in 8th:Noplanets in Mer Stars: 9,not empty.6th empty)

Star Lo: Ven: 8P,10,5 (Star Lord hence P: Houses owned not empty no Not P)

SUB :    Mars :10P,11,4

StL of SUB :Sat: 9P,2eP,1eP

The 5th Sub Lord has become the Principal Significator of 2nd in the fourth step: THERFORE we conclude that lady will have children:

To fix time, we must now test the Dasa,Bhukti,& Antara Lords. Moon Dasa balance 6 months,28 days. We cannot consider this as birth of a child is not possible in 6/7 months. So consider next MARS dasa

Check the houses signified by Dasa Lord Mars:(all 4 steps to be seen)

1st step  Mars: 10P,11,4

2nd       Sat : 9P,1P,2P

3rd       Ven : 8P,10,5

4th       Ven : 8P,10,5

Since Mars is Primary Sig of 2nd House, this can be selected.

IMPORTANT: IN SELECTING THE DASA/BHUKTI/ANTARA , we MUST see that all the Houses 2,5,11 are signified :

Since we have selected Mars Dasa, which signifies 2 primarily, the Bhukti Lord must primarily signify 5 or 11  :Antara should signify the remaining

Now in Mars Dasa, we have to ignore Mars Bhukti, as only 2nd house is signified:

Next RAHU :He is PS of 7 and 8: Though he is SS of 5th we pass on

NEXT JUPITER: He is PS of 11,12,10,4,8

Since the 11th is found in the pricipal significators, We SELECT THAT AS BHUKTI:

Next is Antara: The Antara Lord has to be the PS of the remaining 5th house: When looking thru other Planets, we get MOON as Primarily signifinficator.

5th in the 1st itself. So we select this.

The period thus is 3/5/1987 to 31/5/1987. The birth took place in June 87.

The Ayanamsa used was later corrected. This adds 13 days to the Dasa endins etc. So the timimg is fairly correct.

Another Example

Below is an elaborate example for Marriage.

         DATE      :SATURDAY E: 17 - 11 - 1973 : TIME: 10 H. 0 M. 0 S.

         DASA BAL. : Ket 6  Y. 11  M. 0  Days: ENDS on 17 - 10 - 1980

                    Lat 21N10: Long 75:41

                         IMPORTANT INFORMATION

         PLANET  SgL   StL    SbL  IN  Owns         HOUSE   SgL    StL    SbL

         SUN    Mar    Jup    Mar  11  -9Ep           1     Jup    Ven    Sun

         MOO    Sun    Ket    Ket   8  -8             2     Sat    Moo    Mer

         MAR    Mar    Ket    Ven   4  -5Ep-12        3     Sat    Jup    Mer

         MER    Ven    Rah    Sun  10  -7Ep-10        4     Jup    Mer    Jup

         JUP    Sat    Moo    Rah   1  -1 -4          5     Mar    Ven    Ket

         VEN    Jup    Ven    Rah   1  -6 -11         6     Ven    Moo    Ven

         SAT    Mer    Rah    Sat   6  -2Ep-3Ep       7     Mer    Rah    Ven

         RAH    Jup    Ket    Rah  12                 8     Moo    Mer    Ket

         KET    Mer    Rah    Rah   6                 9     Sun    Ven    Mer

                                                      10    Mer    Mar    Jup

                                                      11    Ven    Jup    Ket

                                                      12    Mar    Mer    Ven

         EMPTY HOUSES -NOT occupied by Sun to Ketu ARE   2 3 5 7 9


         STAR Lord PARIVARTANA Rah-Ket Ket-Rah

         SUB  Lord PARIVARTANA

         planets conjuct : Nil

          E= empty house. P/p= PRIMARY SIGNIFICATION

         Basic 4 step Data

         PLANET :        KET         6-(Mer  10-7E)  Since Ketu has sec sig

                                                     only. Its agent Merc also

                                                     has Secondary sig. Though

                                                     by itself Merc has P sig

                                                     of 10th see below

         It's STAR  Lord :   Rah    12p-(Jup  1p-4 ) Rule 2

         It's SUB   Lord :   Rah    12-(Jup   1-4 )

         SUB's STAR Lord :   Ket     6p-(Mer  10P-7Ep) As Ket has primary sig

                                                      here Merc get pri sig at

                                                      this stage. 

         PLANET :        VEN      * 1P-6 -11

         It's STAR  Lord :   Ven  * 1P-6 -11

         It's SUB   Lord :   Rah    12-(Jup 1 -4 )

         SUB's STAR Lord :   Ket     6p-(Mer  10P-7Ep)      Ditto

         PLANET :        SUN      + 11P-9Ep

         It's STAR  Lord :   Jup     1p-4

         It's SUB   Lord :   Mar  + 4P-5Ep-12

         SUB's STAR Lord :   Ket     6p-(Mer  10P-7Ep)

         PLANET :        MOO         8

         It's STAR  Lord :   Ket     6p-(Mer  10P-7Ep)

         It's SUB   Lord :   Ket     6-(Mer  10-7E )

         SUB's STAR Lord :   Rah    12p-(Jup   1p-4 )

         PLANET :        MAR      + 4P-5Ep-12

         It's STAR  Lord :   Ket     6p-(Mer  10P-7Ep)

         It's SUB   Lord :   Ven  * 1P-6 -11

         SUB's STAR Lord :   Ven  * 1P-6 -11

         PLANET :        RAH        12-(Jup   1 -4 )

         It's STAR  Lord :   Ket     6p-(Mer  10P-7Ep)

         It's SUB   Lord :   Rah    12-(Jup   1-4 )

         SUB's STAR Lord :   Ket     6p-(Mer  10P-7Ep)

         PLANET :        JUP         1 -4

         It's STAR  Lord :   Moo     8p

         It's SUB   Lord :   Rah    12-(Jup   1-4 )

         SUB's STAR Lord :   Ket     6p-(Mer  10P-7Ep)

         PLANET :        SAT      + 6P-2Ep-3Ep

         It's STAR  Lord :   Rah    12p-(Jup   1p-4 )

         It's SUB   Lord :   Sat  + 6P-2Ep-3Ep

         SUB's STAR Lord :   Rah    12p-(Jup   1p-4 )

         PLANET :        MER      + 10P-7Ep

         It's STAR  Lord :   Rah    12p-(Jup   1p-4 )

         It's SUB   Lord :   Sun  + 11P-9Ep

         SUB's STAR Lord :   Jup     1p-4


 The Question to be Answered is the Marriage of the Native.

 Apply KP rule: 7th cusp Sub Lord must signify 2,7, or 11.

 In the present case 7th cusp Sub lord is Venus.  Now see his significance  He signigies 7th Principally at Step 4.  The secondary signification is not  considered. SO THE NATIVE WILL MARRY .


 When the question was asked Ven Dasa running for one month only.

 Next Dasa of SUN is selected:

 Sun in 1st step is Principal significator of 11th and 7th.

So Sun Dasa and Sun Bhukti is selected.


An examination of the Planets and Houses signified shows that only SAT principally signifies the 2nd. So the marriage is predicted to take place in SUN DASA: SUN BHUKTI: SAT ANTARA;

This period is 5/12/2000 to 22/12/2000. But during this period Saturn is RETROGRADE. So this was not selected. Take MOON Bhukti: Moon is Principal sig of 7th, Sun of 11th

Take Sat antara for 2nd, thus complete the chain.

This period comes 19/4/2001 to 18/5/2001. This period was predicted for Marriage.


    This is from Nakshtra Dena of Divali 2001.

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